At the Ranch for Kids, we understand that traveling to, and enrolling your child in, a therapeutic program is potentially scary and overwhelming for the entire family. For a child with FASD or RAD, the necessary separation from family and ensuing travel can create an escalated, emotional or even dangerous situation. 

However, with the right support, air travel and transition to a therapeutic program does not have to be a traumatic experience for the child or family.

For families in crisis, the Ranch for Kids offers a unique service – travel escorts. Our experienced travel escort can ensure your child and family’s safety while preparing to leave the home, in transition, and throughout the program admission process. With the right support, travel can be the first step toward hope and healing.


Why are travel escorts helpful?

Escorts are helpful because they can provide less stress for the child and parents during times of transition. They are also extremely helpful because they allow the staff, particularly the Executive Director, to connect with the family and be a source of positive encouragement and support.


Why is the RFK equipped to provide this service?

We have a passion for helping families in crisis and solving problems. Our experience in working with hundreds of kids and doing dozens of escorts empowers us to handle almost any situation. We are very flexible and can be extremely responsive to the needs of the family. We are confident and motivated to begin a relationship that can provide hope and healing.


To where does the RFK provide escorts?

The Ranch for Kids provides escorts for kids to and from our program in Rexford, Montana, usually upon intake and discharge. In addition, we offer escorts should parents request a visit at another time.


In addition to transporting your child to a program, what other kinds of services are included in an escort?

The travel escort is available for any need that the family has in terms of logistics, help, and transition. Conversation and explanation of the program is provided whereby questions are answered and a plan is developed. Positive persuasion is offered in situations where parents need support for handling defiant or abusive kids. Safety and the powerful presence of competent and effective communication are demonstrated, all with dignity, respect, and honesty.


How quickly can they be arranged?

We do our best to arrange an escort as quickly as possible. We are sometimes able to arrive within hours but most often we will arrange for the escort to arrive at your home within one week of a request.


What days of the week are escorts available?

Escorts are available from Friday through Sunday.


What are the costs involved with a travel escort?

Our travel escort fee is $500.00 as well as any costs relating to airport parking, airfare, meals for escort and child, lodging, transportation, etc.