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“…A series of tantrums led to hospitalization and pharmaceutical treatment, which led to a rift between McClure and her family, and soon she was on her way to the Ranch for Kids Project near Eureka. This time, she encountered hearty meals, lots of horses and other children whose eyes were opening to the Big Sky lifestyle. The ranch was the last step McClure would take outside the traditional family system…”

Seeing a child from our program go on to success, in both a family and in life, is our inspiration. Click HERE to read Natasha McClure’s story of hope and healing in the Daily Inter Lake. Celebrate with us as she graduates and moves forward boldly into the next chapter of her life.



The week of graduation, Natasha reconnects with her biological brother after a decade.


“I was really scared and really nervous to meet him, because of the time rift it caused a lot of differences. We were raised differently,” McClure said.

Despite all the differences after being raised apart for so long, she described the reunion as a “dream come true” in easing the uncertainty and the tears of how — and where — he was.

“It definitely put some peace into my heart finally being able to see him,” McClure said.


Click HERE to read the follow-up story in the Daily Inter Lake.





At The Ranch for Kids, our staff serves as a family, working together to provide a bridge of hope and healing for children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Reactive Attachment Disorder.

An RFK employee must have be teachable and a heart to heal. 
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