Imagine yourself being born to a mother who consumed drugs and alcohol while pregnant with you. Now also imagine that the only mother or primary

care giver you had ever know was suddenly taken from you while you were an infant up to 3 years of age.  Being so young, you may not be able to articulate your feelings but one of those is feeling unsafe.  Maybe even feelings of being worthless, angry and abandonment. People try to help you. Foster parents or placement with a relative occurs, but it is not the same. Maybe you have been physically and emotionally neglected and/or abused. You survive. Then one day, someone tells you that a family wants to adopt you. You feel hopeful but mainly scared. You meet them, everything goes okay and you are taken to a new place to live with a new family. You are given new clothes, great food, a bedroom of your own or maybe share with another child who has suddenly become a sibling. You are told you should be happy, but you aren't. You are angry and scared. You start breaking all the new rules the family has told you about. You break things, argue, sometimes even hurting someone physically. 

Your new parents are confused. They say, " Why is this child doing this?  Doesn't she like us?  Why can't she attach to us and be part of our family?" And the troubles continue to build. They take the child to doctor after doctor. Therapists, counselors, and programs. Nothing seems to help. Time goes by and money becomes an issue because of these medical bills and nothing is helping. She is just getting worse and worse and now the adoptive parents are afraid for the safety of the other children in the home and also, for themselves.



This is the population Ranch for Kids serves. Kids who have been adopted, and suffer from Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). Some have organic brain damage. They learn and perceive things differently that others.  So, we teach them differently. We teach them that what they are feeling is understandable and that is is a choice to continue feeling that way. We teach them to live in the present as we cannot change the past. We teach them how to heal themselves and then how to heal the relationships with their adoptive family members. We teach the family how to become whole.   


This is Ranch for Kids Project.