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Children on the Ranch participate daily in adult supervised chores; teaching them how to embrace a safe and healthy lifestyle.  Learning to help cook, clean, and do laundry are just some of the tasks associated with maintaining a home.  All the activities coordinate around the simple life of a an active ranch to keep it productive and functioning.
Tasks include fixing fences, maintaining roads, trails, and lawns, and in the winter they shovel snow.  There is always plenty of outdoor work on a ranch.

Every child is encouraged to develop their own personal talents and an awareness that each has something significant to contribute to make the world a better place.

Strong work ethics are instilled in the kids as they work alongside the staff members on various projects including home improvement and landscaping.  The skills needed to accomplish a given task are taught and often carry over into their adult lives.

Children are encouraged to attend church and spend time developing their spiritual life. Small groups and Bible studies are also available on the Ranch as well as church services in our local community which foster further spiritual growth.

Ranch For Kids is an adjunct ministry of a local church in the State of Montana.  Ranch For Kids is a non-denominational ministry.

Both physical and mental, there is a wide range of recreational activities for the children to participate in at the ranch.  Summer activities include fishing, swimming, soccer, dodge ball, horseback riding, hiking, and camping.  Winter activities include skiing, skating, and sledding.  Arts, crafts, music, expressive writing and theatrical performances are encouraged and promoted.  Horsemanship classes and equine therapy are some of the special activities available.

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